Shipping toys and goods for children

MW-Trade will transport toys and goods for children from the US, Germany, China or any other country in the world. We can provide a turnkey service: negotiate with the manufacturer, purchase, package goods, prepare all necessary documents and permits, and deliver cargo door-to-door. We also organize purchase and delivery of toys in bulk.

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Shipping toys and goods for children

Our experts will build the best route considering cost/time ratio, select the transportation option: by air, sea, land or multimodal method. If speed of delivery is a priority, the fastest option would be air delivery. We have extensive hands-on experience in international shipping; we know the legislative regulations of different countries and we are able to solve complex problems.

Prices for the transportation of toys to Russia


Air Transportation
  • Delivery time: from 32 hours
  • Price per kg: 1,1 $
  • From airports: whole world
  • We accept cargo from 1 kg for transportation
  • Delivery time: from 5 days
  • Price per m3: from 23 $
  • From ports: all cargo ports of the world
  • We accept cargo from 50 kg for transportation
Truck transportation
  • Delivery time: from 24 hours
  • Price per kg: from 1 $
  • From cities: whole world
  • We accept cargo from 1 kg for transportation
Railway transportation
  • Delivery time: from 2 days
  • Price per kg: from 1 $
  • From cities: all railway nodes of the world
  • We accept cargo from 50 kg for transportation

MW-Trade cooperates with reliable companies around the world. We deliver toys and products for children from America, Europe, Asia: Moulin Roty, Jacadi, Disney, Hasbro, Marvel mighty muggs, Baby Born, Bandai, Barbie, Brio, Chicco, Elefantino, Fisher Price, Lego, Simba Baby, Hot Wheels, Tomy , Tiny Love, Mega Bloks and many more.

Shipping toys from the US

MW-Trade will deliver toys and children's goods from the US. We invite you to become familiar with the brands that have won the trust of parents and are loved by all children.

Hasbro (the US, Canada) was founded in 1923. Today, it is one of the global leaders in terms of sales. The product line includes toys for toddlers (Playskool), interactive and soft toys, play sets, puzzles, board games for children of all ages. The subsidiary brands are Play-Doh, My Little Pony, Transformers, Star Wars, Marvel and others. Manufactures are located in the UK, China, and India.

Marvel mighty mugs (USA) is a whole series of toys and the subsidiary of Hasbro. Mighty mugs represent the heroes of the Marvel comics. The characters are very detailed and look just like the on-screen ones.

Disney (USA) is one of the most popular brands, which produces children's clothing, furniture and interior items, educational games, children's vehicles, and accessories. All toys and goods have the images of our favorite Disney cartoon characters.

Barbie (USA) is a subsidiary of the Mattel brand and the most famous doll in the world, and almost every girl has one.

Fisher Price – bright and funny toys from the US with various functions for preschoolers; they produce educational toys (sorters, rattles, teethers), cars and various equipment, as well as goods for home and leisure.
Hot Wheels is a brand of the American company - Mattel. These are die cast models of toy cars. Initially, Hot Wheels were intended only for children, but today they have become popular among the collectors, and many car manufacturers provide the brand with blueprints of their cars for their reproduction in toy models.

Delivery of toys from Europe

MW-Trade will deliver toys and children's goods from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, France, Italy and other European countries. Below are the most popular brands that produce high quality products.

The German brand Baby Born produces the most popular baby dolls, which has already conquered millions of little hearts; thanks to them the game of “mothers and daughters” becomes realistic. The doll can be fed from the bottle, it can cry, squeak, and go potty. The doll can be bathed as well.

Brio is a Swedish manufacturer of the world famous wooden railroad. The assortment of the company also includes wooden toys for toddlers, buggies, wooden construction sets and much more. The toys are absolutely eco-friendly, made of the best wood species, without any chemical treatment.

Moulin Roty is a French brand that produces soft and wooden toys, musical and educational toys using only natural materials. Each character in the collection – the doll, the bear cub, the rabbit, the cat, Moulin Roty – has its own name, character, story and a unique personality.

Chicco appeared in Italy, in the city of Como, over 60 years ago. Chicco is safe, bright, quality products and toys for children ages 0-3. The product line includes products for newborns – for sleeping, feeding and bathing; the toys aimed at early development, as well as strollers, car seats, clothes and shoes.

Jacadi is a French brand that specializes in production of clothing and footwear for children under 12 years old, various accessories, cosmetics and children's perfumery products, furniture for newborns. Jacadi has become synonymous with French fashion for children.

The Danish “Lego” brand is one of the most recognizable in the world. It is a constructor consisting of separate parts for assembly. In 1958, a modern design of bricks made of ABS plastic (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) appeared and was patented, which allowed the brand to create constructors all parts of which are absolutely compatible with each other.

Simba Baby – educational toys from Germany for children ages 0-3: rattles, teethers, pyramids, mobiles. The company also offers products for a cozy ambience: textile rugs, soft toys, bedside lamps.

Delivery of toys from Asia

MW-Trade can deliver toys and goods for children, including wholesale, from China, Japan and other Asian countries.

Bandai kids toys are native to Japan. The brand is the third largest toy company in the world, after Mattel and Hasbro. Bandai products meet high quality and safety standards, they are reliable and durable. The assortment of the brand includes toys in the form of characters from popular movies, the models of racing cars, roller coasters, pets, robots and Tamagotchi.

Elefantino is a Chinese brand of educational toys and baby products that undergo rigorous selection and quality control. The product line includes rattles, arcs with toys, musical instruments, educational rugs, soft construction sets, mobiles, products for children's hygiene.

Sino-Hong Kong company Alilo Digital Technology is a young brand that has won the hearts of many parents and children: they’ve created smart multi-functional interactive toys. Alilo hare is a toy, a player, a night lamp, a voice recorder – an assistant that will help the child not only fall asleep comfortably, but also learn to sing, dance and speak, and learn new things about the world.

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