Customs clearance of cargo and goods

MW-Trade offers customs clearance services for goods on a turnkey basis for individuals, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. We carry out international express transportation of goods, help to find suppliers, negotiate with them, develop optimal schemes for the delivery, taking into account the cost, time limits, safety of delivery. We undertake range of services on preparation of supporting documents, cargo declaration and carry out customs clearance at any customs checkpoint of St. Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk and other regions of Russia.

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Customs clearance

What is Customs Clearance

Customs clearance (clearance) is a mandatory procedure for any goods crossing the border of the state. The main stages are verification of the specified data in the documents, inspection of vehicles, payment of customs duties and charges, partial or complete inspection of cargo. Customs clearance is regulated by the legislative framework of the Russian Federation, in particular by the Federal Law FZ No. 289, government resolutions, as well as the by Customs Code of the EAEU. Any violations may lead to fines, delays of products at the border, and in some cases ‒ confiscation.

Shipment of international cargo can be done independently or with the involvement of FEA specialists. If you have little experience or have doubts, please contact the experts of MW-Trade.

Customs Clearance Cost

# Customs representative services Price
1.1 Declaration on behalf of the importer of goods contained in one vehicle (container), without taking into account supplementary sheets, the customs procedure called "release for domestic consumption". 90 $
1.2 Declaration on behalf of the exporter of goods contained in one vehicle (container), without taking into account supplementary sheets, the customs procedure called "export". 40 $
1.3 Drawing up supplementary sheets to the goods declaration on behalf of importer/exporter (for each supplementary sheet). 30-50 $
2.1 Arrangement and participation in preliminary examination to get additional information about goods. from 3 000 RUB**
2.2 Participation in customs inspection (examination) of goods and vehicles. from 5 000 RUB**
3.1 Arrangement of carrying out veterinary (phytosanitary) control by representatives of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor). from 3 000 RUB**



The list of documents for individuals and legal entities is different. Companies importing products from abroad must provide the following:

  • goods declaration;
  • International Trade Contract concluded with a supplier or manufacturer, drawn up in two languages, in the language of the buyer's country and the seller's country;
  • additional agreements or specifications, technical descriptions;
  • invoice;
  • statutory documents of the organization;
  • packing list;
  • permit documents, licenses, certificates of compliance depending on the code of the product in the CN FEA (HS);
  • ttransportation brokerage services agreement;
  • waybill, depending on the mode of transportation: the bill of lading for sea vessels, CRM waybill for trucks, waybills for rail and air vessels;
  • the receipt for payment of customs duties.

On your request MW-Trade experts will provide you with a list of documents specifically for your objectives. You can order shipment to St. Petersburg on the phone number 8(800) 700-99-69.


The Goods Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity of the Eurasian Economic Union is a list of groups of goods, each of which is assigned a specific code. Through the code, customs authority determines the type of goods transported across the border. This is the main document for the control of shipments. Goods declaration is submitted electronically and in advance to the authorized body, where its acceptance or rejection takes place. The declaration is filled out in accordance with the established rules of the EAEU and includes information on the country of origin, points of departure and destination, cost, mode of transport and means of transport, declarant, shipper, quantitative indicators. If the shipment is carried out by a broker it is necessary to specify its data in the goods declaration.


To successfully import products into the territory of the Russian Federation and be able to officially realize it, it is necessary to observe the formalities of each stage of transportation. The first step is the declaration of products, which includes the correct classification of each unit of goods in accordance with the nomenclature of the CN FEA (Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity (HS)). Based on this information, the calculation of duties or exemption from payment of duties is made. The declaration is submitted with the supporting documents to the authorized body for registration.

The next step is currency control and transaction settlement. Then the cargo arrives at the customs checkpoint, customs officer verifies the information, the goods are inspected and the decision on their release is made. If the customs representative has no objections, the final release of goods takes place. If any violations are found, the goods are sent to the temporary storage warehouse until their elimination.

Customs Clearance of Cargo ‒ Cost

The most common question of most customers is "How much does customs clearance cost?". The cost of customs clearance depends on several factors: the actual price of the goods under the contract, the product code in the nomenclature of the CN FEA, the volume of the consignment, its weight, dimensions, country of origin, VAT, and various fees. It is also important to consider the type of customs regime: import, re-import, export, re-export, temporary import, transit. The calculator on the MW-Trade website will help you calculate the approximate cost of freight transportation. For exact calculations, please fill in the application form below or send a message to the manager in chat.

Peculiarities of Importation from the EAEU

The EAEU is a union of several states: Russia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. The objective of the Customs Union is simplified import and export of products with the abolition of customs duties, border control, and cargo declaration.

Duty-free Import Limits

Limitations on import of products from abroad for personal use were updated and approved on January 1, 2020. The amount of purchases not exceeding 200 euros and weighing up to 31 kilograms is not subject to duties. Duty-free import limits for the EAEU countries are 50 kg and 10 thousand euros.

Delivery with MW-Trade

Extensive practical experience in cargo transportation, ability to react quickly in difficult situations, optimize the costs for customers and provide competent logistics make MW-Trade one of the best companies on the market. We take full responsibility for the entire transportation cycle, develop convenient routes with door-to-door delivery, choose the right vehicles according to the characteristics of the goods. Each project of freight shipment is built individually for the customer, taking into account his wishes and financial ability.

We work worldwide and have established partnering relations in the USA, China, Japan, and European countries. Leave your request below and we will call you back shortly.

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