Delivering pulleys for equipment

MW-Trade will help you buy pulleys and arrange their delivery from any country in the world. Wherever your company is located, we will carry out door-to-door delivery of pulleys and accessories at reasonable prices in the shortest possible time.

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Delivering pulleys for equipment

MW-Trade has been transporting cargo for its customers all over the world for more than six years. We’ve successfully established close relationships with trusted and reliable suppliers and manufacturers in Europe, Asia, the US and Russia.

Prices for the delivery of pulleys for equipment


Air Transportation
  • Delivery time: from 32 hours
  • Price per kg: 1,2 $
  • From airports: whole world
  • We accept cargo from 1 kg for transportation
  • Delivery time: from 5 days
  • Price per m3: from 25 $
  • From ports: all cargo ports of the world
  • We accept cargo from 50 kg for transportation
Truck transportation
  • Delivery time: from 24 hours
  • Price per kg: from 1 $
  • From cities: whole world
  • We accept cargo from 1 kg for transportation
Railway transportation
  • Delivery time: from 5 days
  • Price per kg: from 1 $
  • From cities: all railway nodes of the world
  • We accept cargo from 50 kg for transportation

We have a clear understanding of the needs of our clients. In logistics, building the most suitable transportation route is the main task. It defines how quickly the client's goods can be delivered and minimizes any risks. Our specialists have extensive hands-on experience and they are always ready to offer you the best shipping option. Delivery of pulleys can be carried out by multimodal transportation or as part of consolidated cargo.

MW-Trade has a large list of partners, including FEBI, SKF, CPT, SUMRAY, Optibelt, Sati, Habasit, Megadyne s.r.I, Mulco-Europe EWIV and many others.

What brands of pulleys do we deliver

MW-Trade will carry out delivery of V-shaped and timing pulleys, poly-V-belt pulleys for belt drives. Check out the top brands below.

FEBI (Febi Bilstein JR) is a German manufacturer of spare parts with over 40,000 items. The quality of each product is confirmed by the DIN ISO 9002 certificate and verified by an independent TUV association. The company has representative offices in France, England, and Italy. There are large warehouses with FEBI products in these countries.

MW-Trade also delivers SKF pulleys. The headquarters of the Swedish engineering company is located in Gothenburg. SKF is known as the world's largest designer and manufacturer of rolling bearings, pivots, seals and lubrication systems. The company's representative offices are located in 32 countries of the world.

We deliver products of Optibelt – the German brand – one of the leaders in production of timing belts, poly-V, V-belts, special belts for agricultural and automotive equipment. The quality of products is confirmed by ISO 9001 – an international quality certificate.

The Italian manufacturing company Sati supplies a large number of different products: pulleys, couplings and slides for electric motors, toothed racks and wheels, roller chains, sprockets, hubs, etc. Parts have variability and different sizes. They are highly resistant to stress.

Megadyne s.r.l is the largest manufacturer of power transmission belts on the Italian market. Due to their flexibility, Megadyne belts have a wide range of applications. They are resistant to mechanical stress and are able to withstand varying degrees of load at fairly high speeds.

MW-Trade will also transport products of another German manufacturer – Habasit. The main specialty of the company is conveyor belts, drive belts and motors. Habasit conveyor belts and processing belts are used in almost all areas of the manufacturing industry.

American Martin Sprocket & Gear pulleys have an optimal price/quality ratio. The assortment of the company includes pulleys with bushings, gear pulleys, brake pulleys.

Mulco-Europe EWIV is a German designer and manufacturer of toothed and ribbon belts of various types. In addition to belts, the company offers high-quality pulleys and other components.

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