Shipping cargo from the US to Russia for entities and individuals

Shipping from the US is one of the most popular routes among clients of MW-Trade. We can outsource foreign economic activity on a turnkey basis, thus cutting your expenses and streamline all processes related to shipping from the US to Russia. The US is an important trade partner of the Russian Federation, based both on import and export value. Our specialists are able to step into the process at any stage of the contract with foreign partners and develop a perfect logistics strategy.

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Shipping cargo from the US

Our services include searching for reliable suppliers abroad, assisting with negotiations, concluding a trade contract, developing the best transportation route, selecting a suitable vehicle, packaging, labeling, preparing all necessary documentation, obtaining permits, certificates, licenses; we take care of insurance, cargo escort, customs clearance, and deliver goods to the client's doorstep.

Terms and price of cargo transportation from the USA to Russia


Air Transportation
  • Delivery time: 3 days
  • Price per kg: 2,6 $
  • From airports: Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta, Los Angeles, O'Hara in Chicago, Dallas / Fort Worth in Texas, Denver, John F. Kennedy in New York, San Francisco, Seattle in Washington State, McCarran in Nevada, Charlotte/Douglas in North Carolina, Miami and from other states.
  • We accept cargo from 5 kg for transportation
  • Delivery time: 33 days
  • Price per m3: 60 $
  • From ports: Baltimore, Boston, Charleston, Houston, Jacksonville, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Miami, Mobile, New Orleans, New York, Norfolk, Oakland, Philadelphia, Port Everglades, Portland, Savannah, Seattle.
  • We accept cargo from 50 kg for transportation


The cost of shipping containers from the USA to St. Petersburg

Direction 20 DC 40 HQ
Tacoma 2217 USD 2550 USD
Norfolk 1486 USD 1386 USD
Jacksonville 1586 USD 1387 USD
Los Angeles 2217 USD 2349 USD
Houston 1486 USD 1787 USD
New York 1586 USD 1387 USD

How we ship goods

There are several ways to transport standard, oversized, bulky, dangerous, fragile, complex or temperature-sensitive cargo from Novosibirsk:

  • by passengers or cargo planes via direct or transit flights
  • using special vehicles
  • by railway
  • by sea vessels, in containers
  • using multimodal shipping mode.

Each method of transportation has its pros and cons. The choice of a suitable vehicle should be made by an experienced specialist who takes into account the deadlines, the nature of goods, the terms of transportation and the client’s budget. Shipping by sea is the most cost-effective option. The most expensive transportation method is by air. In terms of timing, the second option is faster. Shipping by sea may take up to 50 days.

International ground shipping includes the use of trucks and trains: tanks, enclosed or open platforms, trailers, temperature-controlled containers, refrigerators.

The goods can be transported as general or consolidated cargo. Consolidated cargo transportation is more cost-efficient, and it is perfect for small shipments or sample consignments. The disadvantages are: the container is usually held in a temporary storage facility until it gets filled completely. “General cargo” refers to a single-piece cargo that occupies all space in the container and requires individual packaging.

Calculating the cost of services

MW-Trade provides door-to-door shipping services. Use our online calculator to estimate the shipping cost. If you want to know the exact shipping cost or order a service, please contact our specialist at the phone numbers listed on our website. Be ready to provide the following information about your shipment: its weight, dimensions, any special characteristics, points of departure and arrival, and the deadlines. MW-Trade will arrange container shipping of any type of cargo – promptly and efficiently.

Additional services

Shipping insurance

100% coverage of all risks during transportation

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Responsible storage of cargo

rent of equipped premises for storing your cargo

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Customs clearance

full range of services for import and export customs clearance

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