Shipping goods from Germany to Russia

MW-Trade provides comprehensive shipping services from Germany to Russia and from Russia to Germany, and performs customs clearance of goods. By optimizing all logistics processes, we save time and financial resources of our clients.

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Shipping cargo from Germany

We are ready to provide service for your entire chain of logistics, to outsource foreign economic activity on a turnkey basis, including customs clearance, or perform only the task you ask for: preparation of accompanying documentation, certification and insurance, consolidation of cargo and door-to-door delivery, customs clearance, etc.

Shipping cargo from Germany to Russia is carried out by various types of transport. Transporting cargo in trucks is in great demand among our customers in view of its relatively low cost, short traveling distances and availability. We take into account the nature of goods and the budget of the client, thus selecting the most suitable shipping option: by rail, air, sea or road.

Terms and prices of cargo transportation Germany-Russia

Air Transportation
  • Delivery time: from 2 days
  • Price per kg: from 1,95 $
  • From airports: Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Munich, Leipzig
  • We accept cargo from 5 kg for transportation
  • Delivery time: from 30 days
  • Price per m3: from 50 $
  • From ports: Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Kiel
  • We accept cargo from 50 kg for transportation
Truck transportation
  • Delivery time: 3-5 days
  • Price per pallet: from 150 EUR
  • From cities: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Leipzig, Dortmund, Essen, Bremen, Dresden, Hanover, Nuremberg and other cities in Germany
  • We accept cargo from 5 kg for transportation

We have warehouses in Germany – in Berlin and Hamburg – which allows our company to offer reasonable prices and deliver goods within a short period of time.

Shipping consolidated cargo from Germany

For small companies and individuals the best option would be shipping consolidated cargo from Germany to Russia. Our company has a consolidation warehouse in Berlin: for storage of various goods, including parcels and orders from online stores. Consolidating cargo means waiting until the container gets filled with the goods in the amount sufficient for shipping. Before shipment, each product is checked for quality, quantity and presence of all necessary documentation. Afterwards, the cargo gets sorted and prepared for transportation in accordance with the technical regulations of the Customs Union.

An important stage in successful cargo transportation is the customs clearance procedure. MW-Trade controls the entire process and tracks cargo at every stage of shipping.

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Germany is one of the main exporters in Europe. The choice of goods is huge, their quality is high, and the transport infrastructure is one of the best. Various goods are being transported every day: from consumer goods, including spare parts for cars, household appliances, furniture, clothing, and food, to industrial and commercial equipment, cars.

Despite active trade cooperation between Russia and Germany, the process and implementation of cargo transportation has its own features. According to environmental standards, which are very high, there are certain requirements for vehicles that must be met, for example: trucks traveling from Russia should pass at least Euro 4 standard. Transport legislation has strict rules in place, for instance: trucks are prohibited from driving on German highways on weekends and holidays. Failure to comply with the rules can result in serious fines.

The cost of shipping goods from Germany to Russia and from Russia depends on several factors: the type of transportation, the weight, the volume of cargo and its characteristics, the deadlines, seasonality. Additionally, the cost may include storage fees, insurance cost, customs clearance expenses, etc.

Business partners of MW-Trade in Germany are:

Berlin (warehouse)

  • Hellersdorfer Weg 35
  • 12689 Berlin
  • Tel .: +49 (0) 30 93663919
  • +49 (0) 30 93663602
  • Fax: +49 (0) 30 93663585
  • E-mail:

Hamburg (warehouse)

  • Lenzen Container Logistik Hamburg GmbH
  • Antwerpenstrasse 1a, Terminal Dradenau
  • 21129 - Hamburg
  • Contact Person: Victor Zeng
  • Tel .: +49 40 88 23 09 81
  • Сargo for "MW-Trade"
  • Code for T-1 De004851

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