Shipping consolidated cargo to Kazakhstan

MW-Trade carries out door-to-door transportation of consolidated cargo to Kazakhstan. We ship various types of goods, including oversized, bulky, temperature controlled, perishable, excisable, dangerous, and complex. Our logistics experts will develop the most efficient route, assist in preparation of all the necessary documents, obtain permits, certificates, provide services for product processing, storage, forwarding, customs clearance and deliver the goods to the recipient's door.

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Shipping consolidated cargo to Kazakhstan

Transportation of consolidated cargo to Kazakhstan is available from Moscow, St. Petersburg and any other city in Russia. We use cargo or passenger aircrafts, trucks, special-purpose trains or sea vessels. We also offer multimodal shipping. When developing logistics, we take into account the nature of the goods, any special requirements and conditions for their transportation, and the delivery deadlines. We select the best type of transport considering the cost/speed/quality ratio.

Prices for shipping consolidated cargo to Kazakhstan


Air Transportation
  • Delivery time: from 2 days
  • Price per kg: from 2,4 $
  • From airports: all Russia
  • We accept cargo from 1 kg for transportation
Truck transportation
  • Delivery time: from 5 days
  • Price per pallet: from 98 $
  • From cities: all Russia
  • We accept cargo from 1 kg for transportation
Railway transportation
  • Delivery time: from 20 days
  • Price per pallet: from 0,5 $
  • From cities: all Russia
  • We accept cargo from 100 kg for transportation

In view of the fact that Kazakhstan is a member of the EAEU, the international transportation of goods to this country has simplified customs procedures, and in order to claim a VAT refund, it is necessary to confirm a zero VAT rate. The documents for export include: your business contract, the sender’s and the recipient’s information, a waybill, an invoice, certificates, and the transaction certificate.

The cost of transportation of consolidated cargo depends on the volume of the occupied space inside the container, the nature of goods and some other factors. To get more details about shipping, the rates and to receive answers to your questions, call the phone numbers indicated on the website.

Additional services

Shipping insurance

100% coverage of all risks during transportation

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Responsible storage of cargo

rent of equipped premises for storing your cargo

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Customs clearance

full range of services for import and export customs clearance

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