Transporting equipment internationally

International transportation of equipment is one of the directions of MW-Trade. We provide supplier finding services abroad, we conclude international trade contracts, develop optimal cargo shipment routes, taking into account its type and time limits, draw up supporting documents, implement customs clearance for import and export. We carry cargo by means of air, sea, rail and road transport; we use multimodal schemes for goods of any complexity. We work all over Russia and all over the world.

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Equipment delivery

The cost of equipment delivery services


Air Transportation
  • Delivery time: from 2 days
  • Price per kg: 1,8 $
  • From airports: whole world
  • We accept cargo from 1 kg for transportation
  • Delivery time: from 30 days
  • Price per m3: from 32 $
  • From ports: all cargo ports of the world
  • We accept cargo from 50 kg for transportation
Truck transportation
  • Delivery time: from 10 days
  • Price per pallet: from 35 $
  • From cities: whole world
  • We accept cargo from 1 kg for transportation
Railway transportation
  • Delivery time: from 12 days
  • Price per m3: from 35 $
  • From cities: all railway nodes of the world
  • We accept cargo from 50 kg for transportation

Peculiarities of Equipment Transportation

International transportation of equipment requires strict compliance with the order and special conditions. Equipment has a high price; it belongs to the category of problematic cargo and must be handled with utmost care. MW-Trade experts have extensive practical experience in handling this group of goods, which are often of impressive weight and dimensions and are sensitive to movement, temperature and humidity level. It is important to think out everything: packaging, selection of vehicles, placement, alignment and securing cargo inside the container, maintaining proper temperature condition and ensuring security. Shipping by means of road transport requires the observance of speed limits and taking into account road conditions, excluding performing abrupt maneuvers by drivers.

Ways of Transportation

Air freight is the fastest option that allows you to ship cargo from Asia, Europe, CIS, North America, Africa, or in the opposite direction in a very short time.

Transportation of equipment by sea to St. Petersburg is considered the cheapest option, but the longest one. It may take up to 50 days. Sea shipping is suitable for any oversized, heavy, bulky, complex goods and products that have no shelf life restrictions.

Land transportation includes railway trains and motor transport. Very often multimodal logistics scheme is carried out where trucks or trains are used. Trucks from the airport or railway station go directly to the customers' doors, which provides maximum convenience.

Types of Equipment

We’ll ship all types of medical, commercial, industrial, construction, agricultural, printing, bakery equipment, and we’ll also carry out transportation of machines, gas-turbine units, transformer devices, conveyor belts, sheaves, welding machines, water supply systems, special vehicles. We’ll transport new and used products and components. Main supplying countries are Italy, Germany, France, China and Poland.

MW-Trade specialists have all the necessary knowledge and skills for safe transportation of machinery and equipment for different business areas.

Customs Clearance

We carry out customs clearance procedure for products at any customs checkpoints in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg and other regions of Russia. The cost of customs clearance depends on the product code in the CN FEA (Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity (HS)) classifier. It also depends on customs fees, scavenging fees etc. The size of the duty ranges from 0% to 10%, VAT ‒ 20%. Each kilogram of cargo is subject to duty.

Use our online-calculator to calculate approximate cost. To get an accurate calculation of the cost of transportation, please contact the MW-Trade experts on phone numbers specified on the website or send a chat message.


For successful customs clearance it is necessary to provide proof of payment of customs duties, supporting documents (international trade contract with the supplier, invoice, packing list, shipping documents, declaration, information about the manufacturer, the brokerage service agreement). The declaration must be filled out in advance and sent for registration to the authorized body. The code of the product in the CN FEA nomenclature allows you to determine the full list of documents, as well as the need for obtaining permit documents, licenses, certificates.

For some countries there is a duty-free import on condition that the certificate of origin is provided. Customs clearance for machines and equipment imported from the EAEU countries is not required.

We implement a range of services on transportation and customs clearance of equipment on a turnkey basis. We also offer optional services such as insurance, warehousing, packing, labeling, escorting. Request a call using the feedback form. We will call you back shortly and provide detailed advice.

Additional services

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