Shipping routes

Freight shipping routes are planned individually to fit the needs of the client. Time limits, peculiarities of goods, dimensions, weight, transportation conditions, financial ability of the customer are taken into account.

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Individual Approach

MW-Trade provides profitable rates for international shipping routes by the means of sea, air, road and rail transport. We implement multimodal (mixed) schemes using two or more types of vehicles. We are engaged in groupage freight transportation, transportation in containers. We can help you transport personal belongings and small consignments of products weighing from 1 kg.

Main Directions

Transportation of goods from Europe, Asia, USA, Turkey is in demand among customers of MW-Trade. If you need to transport goods from any other country, please contact us on phone numbers specified on the website. We pay special attention to the level of service, strictly observe the legal regulations of the countries through which the products pass, optimize expenses of customers and provide data on the movement of goods on request.

We are engaged in import and export. We have extensive practical experience in customs clearance and assist in finding a supplier abroad.

The online calculator can help you calculate the approximate cost of shipment. For advice and exact calculation of the price please fill in the feedback form below. MW-Trade experts will call you back shortly.


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