International shipping of consolidated cargo

MW-Trade offers international shipment of groupage cargo (from 10 kg) from European, Asian, Middle Eastern and African countries, as well as drawing up documents for customs in Russia. Such an offer for transportation of groupage cargo will be interesting first of all to the participants of Foreign Economic Activity who purchase goods abroad or export their own products in small consignments.

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shipping consolidated cargo

MW-Trade offers different solutions and attractive prices for import of goods into the Russian Federation and for export of domestic goods. We carry out groupage cargo transportation from Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Germany, Italy. Our services include:

  • Consolidation and careful storage until the end of the period;
  • For an accurate determination of the weight of cargo, we provide weighing services;
  • Operations of loading and discharging of cargo;
  • Drawing up the necessary documents for transportation;
  • Filling out and submission of the electronic PIT form;
  • Submission of the goods to the customs clearance checkpoint.

The Cost of Groupage Cargo Shipping from Abroad to Russia


Air Transportation
  • Delivery time: from 1 days
  • Price per kg: from 1,5 $
  • From airports: the whole Europe, CIS, Asia, America
  • Cargos from 5 kg are accepted for transportation
  • Delivery time: from 23 days
  • Price per m3: from 25 $
  • From ports: all cargo ports in Europe, CIS countries, Asia, USA
  • Cargos from 5 kg are accepted for transportation
Truck transportation
  • Delivery time: from 2 days
  • Price per pallet: from 25 $
  • From cities: all major cities in Europe, CIS, Asia, America
  • Cargos from 5 kg are accepted for transportation
Railway transportation
  • Delivery time: from 12 days
  • Price per m3: from 39 $
  • From cities: all the railway junctions in Europe, CIS, Asia, USA
  • Cargos from 5 kg are accepted for transportation

Shipping a cargo in a consolidated container or truck provides great advantages compared to alone shipment of general cargo:

  • Time saving, reducing time for turnover of funds, increasing planning accuracy if you don't want to accumulate goods for a shipment of general consignment for a long time;
  • Money saving, since you won't have to spend money on transportation of air because of free places where the goods don't fill the space reserved for cargo;
  • Verification by a customs representative;
We’ll transport any cargo:
  • spare parts, equipment, furniture
  • personal belongings, clothing
  • dangerous, oversized, bulk cargoes
  • pets and flowers

We handle various types of cargo (except excise), submitting them for groupage and small freight shipping. We use express air freight, sea or road vehicles.


Process of Transportation of Groupage Cargoes



In addition, our company is ready to take a responsibility for solving problems of registration of foreign cargo in Russia:

  • Placement and storage of goods in CCZ, in the territory of TSW;
  • Paperwork completion to pass customs inspections and submit cargo declaration;
  • Removal of goods from CCZ and their transportation to the destination.

Groupage Cargoes from Europe

For more than 10 years we have been organizing groupage freight transportation from European countries by road transport, as well as by sea in containers.

Containerized cargoes are delivered via Ust-Luga, Vyborg, St. Petersburg. Thanks to our relationship with partners in international logistics association, we organize consolidation and form a container consignment in the territory of any European country. Consolidation period will not exceed 7 days.

The company offers a number of schemes for groupage freight transportation by trucks:

  • Consolidation in our warehouses;
  • Provision of services for export and import of cargo;
  • Departure of trucks every week: on Tuesday and Wednesday;
  • Own motor vehicles = attractive price;
  • Registration of any type of documents;
  • Cargo shipment time is not more than 7 days;
  • Inspection is carried out within a day;
  • Preparation and submission of the declaration for shipment of ~100 items takes 2-3 days;
  • Solution of any customs related issues.

Groupage Shipments from Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa

We organize groupage cargo transportation in containers, including temperature-sensitive and dangerous cargo, from Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Here are several schemes of cargo transportation:

  • Transit through the port in Vladivostok, then by rail;
  • By sea to St. Petersburg or Ust-Luga;
  • With container transshipment at transit hubs in Lithuania and Finland;
  • Assistance in preparation and completion of documents;
  • We ship groupage cargoes from Turkey, Egypt, Israel, UAE;
  • We arrange faster shipment of small commercial consignments (from 10 kg) by air transport from any country to any city of Russia.

Depending on the type of your cargo, its dimensions, weight, point of departure and arrival, urgency and many other factors, the approximate cost of groupage cargo shipment can be calculated on a calculator. In order to tell you the final price, we need to make an individual calculation. For this purpose, please, fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly to clarify all details.

Optional Services

Cargo Insurance

Provides 100% coverage of all risks during transportation

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Lease of equipped premises for cargo storage

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Customs clearance

Any supporting documents for your cargo

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