International container shipping of cargo

International container shipping implies forwarding general and groupage cargo in containers by sea, air, land (truck and railway) means of transport. MW-Trade carries out cargo transportation from Europe, CIS, China, Japan, USA, Canada to Russia at favorable prices. We will help with the delivery of personal belongings, furniture and household appliances when moving. Shipping in containers is suitable for all categories of cargo, including oversized, heavy, bulk, temperature-sensitive, dangerous, fragile.

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Container cargo transportation

Peculiarities of Delivery

International transportation of containerized cargo is accompanied by the preparation of documents, obtaining the necessary permits for import or export of goods abroad, customs clearance and export clearance respectively. When crossing the border, the contents of the container are not checked but before shipment it is labeled depending on the content and sealed. Certain categories of goods are subject to mandatory protection.

The Cost of Shipping in Containers


  • Delivery time: from 20 days
  • Price per container: from 600 $/20 DC
  • From ports: whole world
  • We accept cargo from 50 kg for transportation
Truck transportation
  • Delivery time: from 1 days
  • Price per container: 650 $
  • From cities: whole world
  • We accept cargo from 50 kg for transportation

The price depends on the size of the consignment of products, its weight, peculiarities, distance and complexity of the route, container type, urgency. To calculate the estimated cost, use our online calculator. To get an accurate price, please call 8(800) 700-99-69.

Types of Containers

A container is a rigid metal structure for different purposes. There are universal (dry cargo), isothermal (with the ability to maintain a certain level of temperature) containers, tanks (for carrying liquids) with open top, tunnel containers (which can be loaded and offloaded from both sides), containers with enlarged format (wider than standard ones), platforms, refrigerators, and tank-containers. They can be 20, 40 and 45 feet long. 

Delivery by different freight vehicles is available. Transshipment from one vehicle to another is carried out with the use of specialized equipment.

Cargo Transportation Modes

MW-Trade carries out international shipping in containers throughout Russia and worldwide. Logistic routes are developed for every specific project taking into account peculiarities of goods, desired time frame and financial abilities of the customer.

Products are transported from European countries to St. Petersburg by automobile means of transport which is the most optimal way in terms of cost and duration. Developed road infrastructure makes it possible to carry products within a few days. Transportation of containers by trucks is also popular for delivery of cargo within the country.

When shipping a container from the USA, it is recommended to use maritime means of transport. The main advantage is the ability to move oversized goods over long distances. At the same time, the load capacity of seagoing vessels ensures the transportation of large consignments of goods and dangerous products. Vessels run according to a strict schedule. If it is necessary to ship a small cargo, one can always use groupage cargo shipping. There are up-to-date equipped terminals on the territory of Russia and in St. Petersburg. To order shipping by sea, send a request using the feedback form at the bottom of the page.

Multimodal routes are often used; they include two or more means of transportation and can often reduce shipping costs.

Customs Clearance

Any goods crossing the borders of the state must undergo customs clearance. Excise goods must be cleared at excise customs offices, while dangerous goods must be cleared at specialized ones. The main stages of the procedure are:

  • filling in the declaration (GD) specifying the code of the product according to the CN FEA (Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity (HS)) classifier;
  • submission of the GD to the customs authority, registration, aproval;
  • calculation of customs fees and their payment;
  • verification of the documents at the customs checkpoint, payment;
  • release of goods.

In case of inaccuracies in the documents or deliberate understatement of the price of the products, customs officer has the right to detain the cargo and send it to the temporary storage warehouse until their elimination.

For customs clearance, together with the declaration one must provide: international trade contract with the supplier, invoice, packing list, transportation services agreement, the waybill, depending on the mode of transportation, permit documents, certificates, insurance policy, receipts of payment of customs duties. To find out the full list for your product, contact the experts of MW-Trade.

MW-Trade transportation company is ready to carry out turnkey container transportation services. For more than ten years we have been successfully delivering our customers' goods all over the world and helping to reduce shipping costs. Leave your request in the form below and our specialist will contact you shortly.

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