What is warehouse receipt?

A warehouse receipt is a document confirming transfer of goods for storage to a warehouse of a third-party organization. For goods that require certain conditions of storage we use premises with a particular temperature regime, humidity level and ventilation. The products are to be handed over to the owner with a warehouse receipt and a service contract.

Advantages of using a warehouse:

  • there is no need to rent the whole warehouse;
  • no need to hire personnel, train them;
  • no need to purchase expensive equipment for loading and unloading goods;
  • packing, sorting, re-sorting, labeling, equipment is already included in the service;
  • 24/7 security;
  • the owner of the warehouse is responsible for safety of your goods;
  • high level of logistics services;
  • you pay only for storage and any additional services.

The abovementioned advantages can significantly reduce the cost of storing goods and, in the long run, the cost of the entire cycle of international and long-distance shipping.

Features and guarantees of the receipt

This document consists of two sheets; one of it contains the name of the cargo owner, their legal address, bank details, the information about the company providing storage services, its location, the description of the goods in accordance with the codes of Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature, the weight of cargo, the number of places occupied, and the date. The information about insurance, the method of delivery of goods to the receiving point, and the vehicle information should be indicated as well. The second sheet includes information that relates to the release of the goods back to the owner. The document is signed by the supervisor of the warehouse or the representative who has the power of attorney.

Under the contract, the warehouse is responsible for safety of the cargo for a specified period of time for a certain fee. The receipt guarantees fulfillment of the requirements, safety, and an ability to pick up products partially. The receipt is legally binding.

When choosing a warehouse, it is important to take into account its features, the nature of the goods, the reputation of the organization, and the conditions it provides. MW-Trade has been providing storage services, as well as a full cycle of work in the field of international cargo transportation for more than ten years. We have successfully delivered hundreds of tons of goods. If you need competent advice or calculation of the shipping cost, contact the specialists of MW-Trade.

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