What is express shipping?

Express delivery is a service for urgent transportation of goods, personal belongings, letters, documents throughout Russia and abroad. Let’s analyze in detail how it works, how long express delivery takes and how much it costs.

In cargo transportation there are several ways of transporting goods - by land (by car or train), by sea, by air and combined (multimodal). If the goods need to be transported quickly, then it is definitely worth choosing air transport. This option is suitable for shipping valuable and perishable goods.

International air freight

Express delivery by air with the help of a reliable transport company equals high speed, transportation of almost any cargo, fast processing of all necessary documentation, safety, compliance with the conditions of transportation, monitoring at all stages, tracking, door-to-door service. Rather than having to learn all the nuances, let the experienced specialists ship goods for you. You will be able to dedicate more time to your business development.

For international transportation it is necessary to file a declaration with correct classification of your products in accordance with the codes of the Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity, to obtain certificates, permits, and licenses, attach invoices, consignments, and an insurance certificate. Presence of all the necessary documents and a properly filed declaration ensure prompt customs clearance.

The only drawback is the high cost of service compared to other modes of transport, but the goods will reach the recipient in just a few days. Active development of logistics and technology make transportation of goods by air more affordable, including long-distance shipping.

With the help of passenger and cargo planes it is possible to ship non-standard, fragile, special, dangerous goods.

How much does this service cost

The cost of express delivery depends on the characteristics of the cargo, its volume, weight, the choice of transport, urgency of shipping, and provision of any additional services.

MW-Trade will provide quality services for international transportation of goods from Russia or any other country in the world. Your goods will reach the recipient on time, safely. Our experts will take into account every single requirement you have and build a custom route. Calculate a shipping cost by using our online calculator on the website. Contact one of our managers for a detailed consultation.

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