What is customs clearance of cargo and goods?

Any goods crossing the border undergo a customs control procedure both in the country of departure and in the country of final destination. In this article we will analyze what customs clearance includes, how much time it takes and how import / export of goods is carried out.

Customs clearance is an integral part of foreign economic activity; it is a process of full or random inspection of goods, documents, permits, certificates, declarations, and payment of duties. Inbound or outbound customs clearance is carried out by an official; the procedure takes place at the customs posts of those regions where there is a border with another state.

Stages of customs clearance

Preparation and provision of all necessary accompanying documentation is the responsibility of the owner of the cargo. A declaration is a fundamental document that contains comprehensive, reliable information about the imported product.

During the first stage the declaration is registered by an authorized body: it can be one (several goods can be listed in one document, if the cargo is transported in one batch) or several of them. The declaration contains a list of products according to their HS codes, which determines the amount of duty. The officer then checks correspondence of the codes to the categories of goods, the passport of the transaction; there is currency control as well. During this stage the financial data specified in the declaration is matched with the product. If necessary, the duties get adjusted.

After making all necessary payments and cargo inspection, the goods get released, and customs clearance is considered successfully completed.

Declaring a vehicle

There are certain features of the customs declaration of vehicles in international transport. Like any goods imported into the territory of Russia, the vehicle must go through the customs clearance procedure, which includes correct filling of the declaration: it must contain the data of the vehicle owner, all information about it, including the year of the make, model, capacity and engine number, a VIN number. One copy of the declaration remains with the vehicle owner. Afterwards the inspector is given the documents for the vehicle, including a purchase and sale or supply contract, an invoice, a specification for new equipment, a billing statement for shipping services. Once the vehicle is inspected and fees are paid, the vehicle is released. If the inspector finds any violations, inaccuracies, the vehicle is sent to a special parking lot until the remarks or errors in the declaration get corrected.

Customs clearance of parcels

When crossing borders, customs clearance of any parcel or goods is carried out without exception. Oftentimes we do not even suspect that our parcel has passed customs, because, as a rule, it happens without participation of the recipient. A customs officer inspects the content of shipment by using an X-ray, checks the documents and, if everything is correct, releases the goods. You can see the status in the tracking program or on the seller's website once you log into your personal account – it will state “customs clearance has started”. The procedure does not take more than 24 hours provided all the data is correct and there are no remarks.

When ordering goods on foreign websites, while tracking shipping, you can see the status “customs clearance error”. What does it mean? It means that the package was detained at the customs. It usually occurs for a number of reasons: incorrectly completed documents or their absence, there is no information about the sender, the parcel contains products prohibited for import, the price of the goods does not match the market value (understated), or there is a suspicion that the goods will be used for commercial purposes. If you have any questions about the delay of a parcel, you should contact the customs directly to clarify any additional information.

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