What is customs broker?

International cargo transportation is an integral part of foreign economic activity (FEA). A company that sells or buys products abroad can perform customs operations on its own or with the help of a customs representative. Thanks to the accumulated experience and the established operating procedures, a customs broker will help you to cut your expenses and the time of the entire business transaction – from purchasing goods to receiving them at the place of your choosing.

The broker represents the interests of the customer, the owner of the goods, and takes charge of proper filing of the declaration, its submission to the authorized body, prepares all necessary documents, deals with the clearance of goods at the customs border, makes payments, finds solutions in difficult situations, resolves issues with clearance delays, offers the most efficient “door-to-door” logistics. The relationship between the customer and the broker is regulated by the service contract. After signing the contract, the customs broker is responsible for the implementation of operations related to the legal clearance of products at the customs.

Benefits of hiring a customs broker

Experienced specialists will help you to quickly and correctly declare your goods in accordance with the codes of the Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature, communicate directly with the customs inspectors, and keep track of any changes in the legislation. Such cooperation will enable the owner of the goods to stay focused and dedicate free time to business processes and growth, which, in its turn, will lead to increased profits, minimize the risks and cut the company’s expenses.

Companies that provide customs brokerage services can also assist their customers with finding suppliers abroad, signing foreign trade contracts, carrying out foreign currency transactions; they develop the best route to transport goods anywhere in the world, provide a wide range of services, including handling operations, packaging, labeling , temporary storage, escort, insurance.

Broker services

The cost of services of a customs representative depends on the tasks that are assigned to him/her. The list of services includes a detailed description of the goods, determination of the code according to the Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity, filing a declaration, determining the amount of taxes and duties, paying them, preparing and providing documents and goods for inspection by authorized persons, organizing product certification and obtaining all necessary permits, licenses, resolving any issues of storage and movement of cargo, building a route, selecting a suitable vehicle, reporting to the customer, promptly informing the customer about any delays or requesting any additional documents.

Additionally, they provide consultation – clarify legislative rules and regulations, settle situations with the customs, provide legal support and expert assessment, if necessary.

But the broker is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by the customer.

For more than ten years MW-Trade has been successfully transporting general and consolidated cargo providing high-quality services in the field of outsourcing of foreign economic activity, as well as performing customs clearance and freight forwarding. The company employs declarants with extensive hands-on experience. If you have any questions, please contact our specialists to receive expert advice and order our services.

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