What is container shipping?

Container shipping is one of the most effective and safe ways of transporting goods by sea, air, land (road and rail). This definition suggests the use of special metal 20-, 40-, 45 ft. long reusable containers. Further we will discuss how we transport goods in containers.

Advantages and disadvantages of container shipping

The main advantages are a simple process of loading and unloading without a risk of damaging the products, a possibility of transshipment onto any mode of transport, a well-thought-out filling system, versatility of containers, economic benefits, tracking at any stage of transport, highly reliable against damage and theft.

The module is a rigid structure that protects the product from external influences. Requirements for packaging transported cargo in the containers provide a high guarantee of its safety when moving in any type of vehicle. Tamper-evident sealing systems prevent theft.

The use of containers allows us to quickly transship them from a sea vessel, for example, to a truck without opening the container. It also saves time and facilitates the process of preparation of supporting documents. Another advantage is the ability to ship large quantities of products at any one time.

Here is the disadvantage of container transportation: the container must get fully loaded, which affects the final shipping cost. Instead, you can use consolidated shipment, but keep in mind that the transit time will increase because of the waiting for a full load.

Stages of container transport

Transportation of goods in containers involves choosing the type of container, the method of shipping – by plane, sea vessel, truck or railway. It also depends on the type of product, the desired delivery time and the shipper’s budget.

Depending on the type of cargo, they use universal or special modules. The concept of "special" includes tanks – for liquid and combustible goods, isotherms – for products requiring a certain temperature regime, refrigerators – for perishable goods, platforms – for oversized, bulky goods.

Today, small, medium and large businesses use international container shipping. Let MW-Trade specialists make transportation more efficient, contact to develop the best route for container transportation by rail, road, air or sea. We have successfully transported hundreds of tons of goods to our clients and we will be able to solve any problem!

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