What documents are required for cargo transportation?

Transportation of goods within the country, as well as abroad, has a certain number of statutory requirements established in the legislative acts of the Russian Federation and those states through which the goods are traveling. The carrier provides the authorized bodies with all necessary documents for the transportation of goods. They are issued for goods, vehicles and the person who provides shipping services. Transportation documents can be provided by the owner of goods or by a logistics company acting on their behalf.

Documents required for shipping cargo by road
The majority of cargo is transported by road. The driver carrying out the delivery must have a driver's license of the appropriate category, a power of attorney for the vehicle (if it is not their property), the title for the vehicle, a technical inspection decal. If the cargo is classified as dangerous, it requires a license. And there must be a special permit for transportation of heavy, oversized goods.

The transportation documents include a route sheet with the indication of the starting date of transportation: the loading of goods, the distance between the point of departure and the final destination, and the information about the driver. A route sheet is issued for up to 1 month – and for each separate vehicle.

The list also includes a consignment note with a full description of the product, the proof that the transaction has been completed, the information about the driver and the traveling route. The cost of transportation services is calculated based on the information indicated in the consignment note, including other requested services.

Transportation documents for international shipping

When implementing international transportation, it is necessary to obtain a license from Federal Transportation Inspection Service (Rostransnadzor). It is valid for one year for first-time applicants, and for five years – for returning applicants. Transportation of goods abroad features crossing the border and customs control. The inspector checks whether there is an invoice, a packing list, certificates of quality and origin, a consignment note – depending on the chosen delivery method: by air, sea or land.

In international shipping, declaration plays an important role: it contains information about the goods, where each is assigned a specific HS code. The declaration must be filled out in advance; it gets registered by the customs inspector and determines the amount of duty to be paid.

To transport cargo abroad by truck, you will also need: a CMR – an international waybill with basic information about the product, the final destination, the information about the supplier and the buyer, the description of the product, its packaging, volume, dimensions; TIR – international road transport, which is a carnet with detachable sheets. The page is torn off by an authorized person every time the vehicle crosses the border, which makes the process of inspection faster and more convenient. A transit permit – an international transportation permit issued for a particular shipment.

International cargo shipping requires certain knowledge and skills, as well as a competent approach. MW-Trade successfully transports goods for its clients. The team of MW-Trade employs experienced declarants, logistics specialists, translators, lawyers, drivers who will help you transport your product quickly, safely and on time.

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