What determines delivery time of goods by rail

Rail transportation of goods from the sender to the recipient is the most popular shipping mode. A lot of customers choose this shipping method because of its low cost, exact delivery time, and safety of goods.

Determination of the time of transport of goods by rail was approved by the order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, for external routes - by international agreements. The transportation contract between the sender, the carrier and the recipient may provide for other time intervals. According to the railway rules, the transportation of cargo is initiated within 24 hours from the moment the cargo is received and the paperwork is completed. The waybill gets stamped at the railway station. It will indicate the shipping deadline which is also affected by the traveling distance. Incomplete days of traveling are considered complete.

Calculating the transit time

The transit time depends on various factors: the time taken to dispatch the goods and their handling; the traveling distance and daily mileage; time for operations en route such as transshipping the goods from one train to another or to a different type of vehicle.

The transit time is influenced by the type of shipment (refrigerator, container, open-top wagon, high-sided wagon, and the itinerary), the speed of the train, and the type of traffic (direct, mixed, domestic, international).

When choosing a route and a transport mode, it’s important that the specialists have hands-on experience and knowledge of special features of rail transport, and they must be familiar with technical characteristics of forklifts, able to perform proper packaging and labeling. MW-Trade specialists have successfully transported hundreds of tons of cargo for their customers by rail throughout Russia and internationally. With all the accumulated knowledge and the ability to perform the most complex tasks, we will create the best possible route, taking into consideration your wishes and your budget, and ensure prompt and safe delivery of goods.

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