Ways to transport cargo

Foreign economic activity provides for the exchange of products, services, and information at the international level. Building an efficient transport logistics strategy is an important condition for business development. To ensure successful shipping, it's necessary to know what concepts and types of international cargo transportation exist today.

In international logistics, the main shipping methods are by sea, air, land (trucking and railroad), and multimodal transportation. Each type of transportation has its advantages and disadvantages that should be considered when developing a route. The choice of type of transport depends on the desired delivery time, the nature of the goods and the customer's budget.

Land transport

This method includes transportation of goods using trucks and railroad.
Trucking is popular due to a well-developed road infrastructure, short distances between various countries, and the ability to perform door-to-door delivery. Among the advantages are the following: it’s relatively cost-efficient, suitable for shipping bulky, oversized, and heavy cargo, and there is a possibility of changing the route during transportation. The disadvantages include an increased risk of delays and possible damage to the goods.
Railway transport is carried out by special wagons, open-top wagons. It is more often used for large shipments that need to be transported over long distances. Among the disadvantages are low speed and strict adherence to a specific route. The advantages include safety of goods, an opportunity to control movement throughout the entire route, and timely delivery.

Sea transport

More than 80% of foreign trade relations are carried out with the help of sea transport. They have the lowest percentage of losses or damage to the goods. Transportation is carried out in 20-40ft. containers. Shipping by sea is the cheapest mode of transport, but the average shipping time is 30-50 days. Shipping by sea is not a good option for small consignments of goods, but you can always opt for consolidated cargo.

Air transport

Air transport is the fastest and the most expensive mode of shipping. The expenses are justified when you need an urgent delivery, or if the goods are perishable or valuable. Transportation is carried out by cargo and passenger planes. Cargo planes have special equipment and strict requirements for cargo packing and its reliable securing. Planes travel along cargo routes.

Multimodal shipping

Multimodal shipping provides for the use of two or more types of vehicles, while being shipped under one contract and under a single transport document. In this case, the carrier is responsible for each stage of shipping. In almost all cases, sea freight requires the use of other modes of transport. The advantages are lower cost, a possibility of door-to-door delivery of goods anywhere in the world, and flexible route.

International transportation of general and consolidated cargo should be carried out by experienced specialists. Contact MW-Trade, get competent advice and an accurate estimate. We will consider every aspect and develop the logistics strategy that suits you best.

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