Warehouse storage of cargo: the specifics

International cargo transportation is carried out in several stages, and one of these stages is safe storage of goods. During transportation the goods do not always travel from the supplier's warehouse straight to the recipient. Oftentimes, it is necessary to store the goods at temporary storage warehouses in transshipment points, for example, in cases of consolidation of consignments for transportation of groupage cargo or when the cargo is on the border awaiting customs clearance. Let’s take a look at the functions, tasks and peculiarities.

Successful cargo transportation is based on strict compliance with the conditions for storing various goods. It is important to ensure proper humidity, lighting, temperature, safety, location of products in accordance with the principles of storage, as well as sanitary and hygienic standards. Almost any type of cargo requires storage, including personal belongings and vehicles.

Temporary storage of goods

All goods are placed in the warehouses of transport and logistics companies or in warehouses of their partners. The terms are usually determined by the contract: the warehouse owner is responsible for the safety of the goods. When customs clearance procedures take place, the goods may be placed in bonded warehouses with the maximum storage period of 3 years.

Depending on the type of goods and the mode of transport, the temporary storage service may include: pick up, packaging, repackaging, weighing, sorting, labeling, consolidation of single batches of goods, loading and unloading using special equipment, and preparation of supporting documentation. These services are particularly relevant for multimodal and consolidated cargo transportation.

MW-Trade provides warehouse storage services all over the world. We have our own temporary storage warehouses in North America, Europe, and Russia, which allows for quick processing, cutting costs and guarantees safety of goods. MW-Trade specialists provide a wide range of turnkey services, monitor all stages of transportation, and offer door-to-door delivery.

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