Types of export of goods

Export of goods is one of the instruments of foreign economic activity, the main purpose of which is to expand business, build relationships with foreign partners in order to make profit. An export operation suggests transporting the goods outside the country. There are three main types of export: direct – selling directly to a foreign buyer; indirect – involving international intermediaries; joint – joining of two or more manufacturers for more effective sales in foreign markets. There is also a notion of the export of capital – financial investments in the development of foreign enterprises. Re-export – export of previously imported products for the purpose of resale.

Documents required for exporting goods from Russia

The main question that the exporter faces is how to properly prepare the documents and complete export customs formalities. An export operation gets registered once the cargo crosses the border. To successfully pass customs clearance checks, it is necessary to submit certain documents to the customs officers: an international business contract, an invoice, a packing list, transport documents, permits (certificates, licenses for certain groups of goods), a declaration indicating the codes in accordance with the Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity, and pay customs duties.

The most popular products exported from Russia are minerals, pharmaceutical and chemical products, timber, plastic, rubber, machinery and equipment, animal products, and raw materials.

Export to China: where to start

China is an export destination of interest. To enter the international market, an entrepreneur needs to build a strategy, which should include the following: search for partners, adapt goods for foreign markets, do promotion, accounting, tax accounting, logistics, perform customs clearance. Each aspect poses a risk to an inexperienced exporter. So, thorough study, research and practical experience are required. Besides, the Chinese market has its own peculiarities. For example, working with only one wholesaler is not recommended. It significantly limits the distribution of products within the country.

Pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, cosmetics, perfumery, clothing, honey and honey products, grains and eggs are considered prospective in terms of export.

Obtaining a license

Certain types of goods must be licensed in order to be exported. They include products that belong to the category of controlled goods: dual-use goods, goods with temporary export restrictions, goods with an exclusive right to export and others. You can find out whether you need to obtain a FSTEC license by using the classifier of the Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature.

There are several types of export licenses. A one-time license is issued once, after the state inspection and testing, under the current business contract. It is issued for only 1 year.

General export license provides multiple uses for a specific period of time, indicating specific products and the importing countries. It is issued only to domestic enterprises with state accreditation.

The export of goods from Russia to Europe, Asia, the US requires analysis, building a smart strategy, knowledge of the legal frameworks of the importing countries. The experts at MW-Trade have extensive hands-on experience, and they know what makes a successful business in the international markets. We are ready to outsource foreign economic activity on a turnkey basis or provide our support for one of the export stages. We are a reliable partner!

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