Transporting personal belongings to another country

Every year, a lot of Russian citizens decide to move abroad permanently. One of the main questions is how to transport personal belongings to another country, what is necessary and how to carry out the transportation process as comfortably, safely and efficiently as possible.

The choice of shipping method depends on the weight, dimensions of the belongings, the location of the new country of residence, the terms set by the customer, their budget. It is possible to transport clothes, shoes, furniture, household appliances to another country in a container or as part of consolidated cargo using air, sea or land (by car or railway) transport. Container shipping is the most reliable from the point of view of cargo safety. If necessary, a multimodal scheme is implemented.

Delivery methods upon moving

The most popular way to transport personal belongings is by road. Among the advantages are a relatively low cost, the possibility of loading and unloading directly at the door of the house, and reliability; if necessary, the route can be changed. The fastest but the most expensive is air shipping from Russia. Goods can be delivered within a few days to anywhere in the world where there is an airport. Personal belongings are transported on regular or charter flights, you can transport almost any item, including oversized goods. With small volumes of cargo, the aircraft will be the most efficient means of transportation. Sea shipping is the most time-consuming method but also the most cost-efficient, and sometimes the only one if the new place of residence is located on another continent. It is worth being prepared for the fact that the transportation speed with this option can take up to two months.

Moving to another country means getting all necessary documentation for the cargo, its reliable packaging, loading and unloading from a vehicle, customs clearance, and payment of duties.

MW-Trade provides international transportation of personal belongings around the world. We will develop an individual route taking into account the possibilities, wishes, provide documentary support of cargo, its reliable delivery, control all stages of transportation and provide tracking.

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