Transit point: what is it?

A transit point is an intermediate city, country, or several countries, through which the cargo travels. This concept refers to transit cargo transportation, which requires compliance with the legislative provisions of all states through which the cargo travels.

This type of transportation is referred to as road transport, but trains, sea vessels and aircrafts can also be used. For example, if the goods are in transit from China to Russia, Kazakhstan will be a transit point. This method of movement of products is regulated by the TIR Convention and the internal rules of states. The most essential thing is to choose a reliable type of vehicle, ensuring safe transportation, paying the duties, and having a TIR Carnet.

Customs clearance

If the shipping route involves traveling through a third country, it means that all the documentation should be prepared in advance. The main part includes a standard set of documents – a declaration, a consignment, a business contract, an invoice; a certificate of conformity, a fumigation certificate, and other permits. It is also necessary to obtain all the supporting documents and permits from customs authorities. Special acts may also be included.

Customs clearance of transit goods is carried out in the same manner as with ordinary goods. Products must be properly packaged, labeled, and the integrity of the packaging must be preserved. In some cases, the cargo is subject to inspection. After checking the documents and passing through customs, the inspector draws up the transit document. The customs authorities of the country of departure and the country of destination receive copies of that document.

We know now what a transit point, cargo and transportation mean; we know the procedures for processing documentation and passing customs control. The process, as you can see, is rather complicated, and it requires competent knowledge and practical experience. Thanks to MW-Trade your cargo will cross the borders of any country quickly and easily. We have been implementing international transportation of goods for over 10 years. Our experts will develop the most efficient route, select a suitable vehicle, perform customs clearance of goods within a short period of time and help your business to cut expenses.

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