Shipment is out for delivery: what does this status mean?

что значит груз передан на доставку

For a convenient tracking of goods and online store purchases, parcels, letters, there are services that help customers to control the location of their order. During transportation, products pass a certain number of checkpoints, which are identified in the system but are not always clear to a customer.
What does "Forwarded for international shipping" mean? At this stage, the goods have been prepared, packaged, labelled, and accepted by the transportation company. In fact, it’s ready for transportation to the country of destination. It follows after “Accepted by the carrier” stage.

Waiting time

The cargo can be tracked by the invoice number which you can obtain from the transport company. If the status of the shipment indicates “Forwarded for international shipping”, it means that the parcel should reach its recipient within 10-20 days, on average. It depends on how fast the goods pass the border, get cleared at the customs, and whether they comply with all the regulations. If the documents are insufficient or there are violations, inaccuracies in the declaration, customs officers detain the goods until the issues are resolved and the corrections of the commodity codes according to the Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity classification are made, and duties are paid. If the inspector finds that the product does not conform to the information declared in the documents, it is necessary to provide reliable information as soon as possible.

The detained cargo is sent to a bonded warehouse (BW) until the circumstances are clarified; the recipient gets notified. Warehouses are commercial entities and are not related to customs. Free storage is provided only for five days, the charges are to be paid by the shipper. The goods that are recognized as prohibited are subject to confiscation or they get liquidated.

International cargo transportation

The transportation of products is regulated by law and requires the shipper to comply with certain rules. Shipping is carried out using sea, air, land (truck, railway) modes of transport or a multimodal method. The longest delivery time is by sea, the fastest – by air.

MW-Trade will ensure successful transport of goods on a turnkey basis, find the suppliers, negotiate with them, conclude a foreign trade contract, prepare documentation, obtain permits, licenses; pack, label the goods, develop the best route that will suit your needs, expedite the process, perform customs clearance and door-to-door delivery.

In ten years of work we have transported hundreds of tons of goods, resolved and found ways out of difficult situations. MW-Trade specialists are ready to give you competent advice and find the best solution for your business. You can find international shipping rates on our website, and by using our online calculator you can estimate the cost of shipping of your goods.

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