Rules for transporting oversized cargo

The rules for shipping oversized cargo provide clear requirements for arranging transportation of goods the weight and volumes of which exceed the standard parameters. The examples are: the construction equipment, industrial units, tanks, buses, yachts, the equipment for railway stations, seaports. The products can be grouped into three categories – long, oversized, heavy cargo.

Shipping oversized cargo is strictly regulated at the domestic and international legislative levels, and fines for non-compliance with the rules can reach up to 500 thousand rubles. The instructions for the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo, the steps to be followed are described below.

Oversized cargo is the cargo that has at least one non-standard parameter: the length over 20 m, the width - over 2.55 m, the height - over 4 m or the weight - over 38 tons. The parameters should be measured accurately. The second step is to obtain a special transportation permit from an authorized agency, and develop the optimal route with the help of experienced specialists, approve it, and, if necessary, organize escort. It is important to display an “oversized cargo” sign on the vehicle and have yellow or orange flashing beacons, reflectors. The products must be securely fastened. Vehicle speed with oversized cargo cannot exceed 60 km/h.

Transportation of oversized cargo by rail and road

Shipping oversized cargo by road requires the following set of documents: an application for transporting products, the shipping route, the documents for the vehicle, the trailer or tractor, a permit to transport cargo internationally, documents for goods, including their parameters, permits, certificates, waybills, invoices ... The cargo should not be blocking the driver's view, cannot hide the identification signs; transportation should not harm the environment, road traffic, and not pose threat to road users.

There are also certain regulations for safe transportation of bulky goods by rail, especially in terms of securing the goods. At the same time, delivery is carried out using platforms, special wagons with increased carrying capacity. The advantage of rail transport is that the trains depart and arrive to locations strictly on schedule, regardless of weather conditions.

MW-Trade transports oversized cargo domestically and internationally considering all the details. We undertake to deliver the client's goods on time, to ensure safety and security of the goods during the entire transportation cycle “door-to-door”. Leave your contact details in the feedback form, and we will call you back as soon as possible and offer the best shipping terms.

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