Rules for transporting cargo by rail

The rules of transportation of goods by railroad are regulated by the legal acts and the legislation of the Russian Federation; they depend on the characteristics of the product, its final destination. In case of international cargo transportation, Carriage by Rail convention, which regulates transportation of railway cargo, the COTIF agreement, must be observed.

Approximately 80% of goods are shipped by railroad. This method has an undeniable advantage – delivery on time with a small budget. However, a long transit time for does not allow transportation of perishable products. Almost all types of products can be transported, including bulky goods, heavy, dangerous.

Transportation conditions

Transporting goods by rail require compliance with the rules for formalities, preparation of all the necessary permits, correct packaging of goods, temperature regimes and humidity levels. Transportation must meet the need for environmental and fire safety and must be carried out in accordance with the regulations of those countries through which the vehicle travels.

During transportation, the contractor must know the properties and nature of the goods, the requirements for its storage, packing and labeling; to be able to know the way around certain situations and prepare additional documents in a timely manner in order to avoid delays of cargo at the customs, and to deliver the goods on time. If necessary, transportation is carried out with an escort and security guards.

Transportation of bulk cargo

Bulk cargo is goods that are transported unpackaged. For loading they use the equipment with bucket. This group includes the categories of grain and non-grain (mining, construction, chemical industries). Such cargo is transported in compliance with additional measures – ensuring that the product does not go over the upper edges of the container. The goods that depend on environmental conditions are transported in covered freight wagons (trucks for transportation of flour, grain, cement) or in containers.

Any type of transportation of goods has its own advantages, disadvantages, and peculiarities. MV-Trade specialists are highly qualified and have the expertise to solve any problem. We have been carrying out railway transport for more than ten years, and that includes small shipments as well (20 kg to 20 tons). We ship cargo with a declared value and successfully solve the most complex problems of our clients. We will deliver your goods safely and on time!

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