Rules for transporting bulky cargo

Shipping bulky cargo is a popular service in the domestic and international transport market. This category includes various agricultural, industrial, construction special equipment, metallurgical, and oil equipment. There are certain rules for transportation of bulky goods violation of which results in heavy fines for the owner of the cargo and the carrier.

Bulky and heavy cargo belongs to the category of oversized cargo and is considered as such if at least one of its parameters exceeds the allowed values: the length, width, height or weight.

Shipping rules include various regulations of domestic and international law. It ensures safety for the environment, the cargo and the parties involved.

Shipping bulky goods is carried out using low-boys, railway platforms, special wagons, trailers for cars, which have an increased weight and dimensions. Transportation is carried out strictly in accordance with the instructions and in compliance with the following steps: obtaining permits, building a traveling route, issuing accompanying documentation, selecting a suitable type of vehicle, loading and securing cargo on the vehicle. The vehicle must be equipped with an identification mark – “bulky cargo”, and orange or yellow flashing beacons must be installed, the goods must be secured.

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