General rules for transporting cargo by road

There are general rules for transportation of goods by road for domestic and international routes. First of all, the carrier is obliged to ensure safety of all road users and to comply with the rules of traffic.

Transportation of goods by road is also regulated by the orders of the Ministry of Transport, the decrees of the government of the Russian Federation, the international regulations and requirements for the documents, packaging, labeling, and handling of goods. There are also regulations and requirements for the driver's schedule and for the transport of bulky and oversized cargo.

Features of road transportation

First and foremost, your cargo should have permissible dimensions in order to be transported in a particular type of vehicle. The goods must be secured so that they don’t shift or fall out of the vehicle. The driver should have clear visibility while driving. Identification marks and working light signals are mandatory. Any damage to the road surface or the environment must be excluded.

When transporting bulky, dangerous goods, a special sign must be displayed, and a permit for transportation along the particular route with specific dates must be obtained. The speed of movement of a loaded vehicle should not exceed 60 km/h.

Transport documents include a contract, three copies of CMR, a route sheet, documents for the vehicle, and the driver's license. Additionally, it is necessary to obtain a trip permit, an ATP certificate for transportation of perishable goods, safety data sheet for chemical products, an ADR certificate for transportation of dangerous goods, veterinary and quarantine certificates.

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