International logistics: importing goods to Russia

способы ввоза груза в Россию

International cargo transportation includes several stages: search and conclusion of a contract with the supplier, organization of transportation, customs clearance of goods with payment of dues and duties. There are different ways of cargo shipment to Russia: by air, land or sea. Multimodal schemes and combined shipments are used. The optimal route will reduce the time and cost of importing goods.

Delivery Options

Air shipment is the fastest option. It is used when transporting expensive products in situations where time is limited. It is in demand when moving goods from Asia or America. The cargo is transported by either passenger or cargo flights, and may be of direct or transit destination. In terms of time it takes 2-3 days.

Sea freight shipment is considered the cheapest way, but it is the longest in terms of time. On average, it takes up to 30-50 days depending on distance. It is often used for transportation of heavy, high-bulk cargos from China, India, Korea, and European countries.

Shipment by rail is considered a safe and reliable mode. Trains are strictly on time because they go according to a timetable and do not depend on weather conditions. It is often used to transport bulk, liquid products. It is possible to transport large consignments at a time.

Truck freight shipment is the best in terms of price-quality-time ratio for most customers. The advantage of it is the possibility of door-to-door delivery. It is often used for European destinations.

Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is a necessary procedure that any cargo crossing the borders of the Russian Federation goes through. To implement a successful shipment, it is necessary to prepare supporting documents: contract with a foreign supplier, invoice, declaration, certificates, licenses, permit documents. Precise knowledge of customs clearance rules will reduce the time of transportation and cut costs.

The main document is the customs declaration. Its incorrect completion (the assignment of the wrong CN FEA (Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity (HS) code) can be regarded as a concealment of the real data on the cargo and deliberate understatement of its cost.

Competent international logistics includes planning, development, management and control of all stages of cargo transportation. For more than ten years, MW-Trade company has been successfully implementing shipment of goods all over the world, using its experience, knowledge, partnering relations and well-coordinated work of the team.

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