How to transport personal belongings abroad?

Once you have decided to move to another country, it is important that you study all the information pertaining to goods transportation: how to avoid unnecessary expenses, minimize risks, prepare the required documents, build an effective logistics strategy, and solve customs clearance issues.

We ship furniture, household appliances, personal belongings, and toys, antiques by sea, road, rail or air. There are companies that provide turnkey moving. They can help you to prepare the documents, pack things securely, carry out loading and unloading, insure the goods, perform customs clearance, and escort the cargo. Your goods can be shipped abroad either in general container or as part of consolidated cargo.

Road and railway transportation

If your new home is located in Europe, the best option would be to use trucking services. It is the least expensive and a very reliable mode of transport. The main advantage here is door-to-door delivery – loading and unloading is carried out right at your new home. When transporting goods by road, there is a risk of damage to the cargo, that’s why it is important to pack it well to ensure its maximum safety. Railroad transportation guarantees arrival of the cargo on time.

Air transportation

Air transportation is the fastest but most expensive mode of transport for your relocation. It is highly reliable. The goods are transported in passenger or cargo planes. Bulky cargo and consolidated consignments can be shipped this way as well. The time of transportation – 2-3 days. The disadvantages include a thorough customs inspection and the need to use a truck to deliver things from the airport to the door of your new home. This option is suitable in cases when you want to take only the minimum number of things with you or when your new country of residence is very far from the Russian Federation.

Transportation by sea

The longest but quite cost-efficient transportation option is by sea. On board a sea vessel you can transport almost anything. The main thing is to ensure good packaging and transport conditions. As a rule, goods are transported in containers, and it can take up to 2 months to reach the destination.

Turnkey moving

The cost of international transportation of personal belongings depends on a number of parameters: the weight and dimensions of the goods, the distance between the point of departure and the destination, type of vehicle, a chosen route, urgency of shipment, and any other additional services – packaging, labeling, preparation of documents, permits, performance of customs operations, and loading/unloading operations.

Seek advice from experts. MW-Trade will make your relocation to another country comfortable and worry-free and provide a full support every step of the way. Using our online calculator on the website you can estimate the cost of shipping or you can find out the exact cost by calling our specialists.

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