How to transport cargo from China to Russia?

Shipping cargo from China is a popular direction in the field of foreign economic activity. Thanks to well-built logistics, transportation of small and large consignments becomes affordable and inexpensive. Planning of the delivery, development of an optimal route, selection of a vehicle, proper declaration of goods, and preparation of accompanying documentation will define how fast the cargo from China will go through customs, reach the consignee, and determine the final shipping cost.

Specialists in the field of foreign economic activity will help optimize your shipping costs. MW-Trade will undertake organization of transportation on a turnkey basis, which will minimize risks and exclude errors during inbound and outbound customs clearance.

Shipping consolidated cargo from China

Shipping consolidated consignments of products is carried out in containers using air, sea, land (rail, trucks) or multimodal shipping methods. This option is perfect for clients that have no tight deadlines or need to deliver goods of small sizes. The container is eventually filled with goods of different shippers, and the cost is divided between all of them in accordance with the dimensions and volume of goods. Consolidated shipping requires a little more time for customs clearance.

Delivery methods

The cheapest type of transportation is by sea. It's safe. The cargo is shipped in an enclosed container, which ensures its complete safety. The weight is practically unlimited. Among the shortcomings: it’s very time-consuming since it usually takes 30 to 60 days to deliver cargo. Not all regions have a seaport, which means that you will need to use an additional mode of transport. Products are dispatched from China from the ports of Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Tianjin and others. The cargo enters the territory of Russia through St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, and Novorossiysk.

Shipping by rail is also popular. It is highly reliable: trains follow the timetable in all weather conditions. It’s the best option in terms of price/delivery time ratio. It is possible to track cargo at any stage. This method is often used for shipping bulky goods.

Air freight from China is in low demand. This option is expensive, has weight and dimensions restrictions and not all types of goods are allowed to be transported by air. Delivery by air is necessary in cases when the time is of the essence, or you have to transport valuable goods. On average, it takes 5-7 days.

Road transport is often used to move products from hard-to-reach places to railway stations, seaports or airports. This method is most susceptible to risks – the cargo may get damaged en-route, the car may malfunction, get into an accident, get delayed due to bad weather conditions or the condition of the road surface. However, it is the only way to deliver cargo to settlements that have no proper road access.

Documents required for transportation

In order to successfully transport cargo from China to the Russian Federation, it is necessary to prepare a full set of documents. It includes: a foreign trade contract with the supplier, an invoice, a packing list (contains technical characteristics of the goods, the information about the parties to the transaction), a technical description of the goods, specifications, payment orders confirming payment, a copy of the transaction certificate, a contract for logistics services, certificates, permits for shipping goods, licenses.

Cost of shipping goods from China

The cost depends on the following parameters: the type of goods, its weight, volume, and dimensions, the distance between the points of destination and shipping, the shipping method, the transport used, the terms of transportation, the need for additional services – loading/unloading, packaging, labeling, storage, insurance, and escort.

Visit the website of MW-Trade. A handy online calculator will help you estimate the shipping cost. For an accurate calculation, contact our company's specialists. We will provide competent advice, help reduce the cost of transporting products from China to Russia, free up time for you to develop your business. For over ten years we have been successfully implementing cargo transportation all over the world showing how reliable we are as partners.

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