How to send a parcel to Germany?

Growing online commerce and an increasing number of new but small manufacturers have contributed to an increase in the shipping traffic of goods from our country abroad. In this article we will talk about how to send a parcel from Russia to Germany, how much this service will cost and how to arrange it.

You can forward parcels in several ways: by mail, by a private courier service or using the services of a transport company. Some of the carriers work with both legal entities and individuals shipping almost any permitted goods, personal belongings from Moscow, St. Petersburg and any other city in the Russian Federation. International forwarding is regulated by law, requires the sender to comply with certain rules.

Prohibited for transportation are the following items: alcohol, tobacco products, weapons, drugs, perishable goods, food, precious stones and metals, live plants, animals, combustible substances, cutting objects, chemical products, valuable books, items of cultural heritage.

During transportation packaging plays an important role: it must be reliable, ensure safety of the parcel. Placement of goods, things inside the box is also very important: free spaces should be filled with paper or a special (bubble) wrap, which will prevent items from moving freely inside the box and prevent them from getting damaged. Liquid products must be sealed. If necessary, the items can be marked.

The cost of shipping depends on a number of parameters: the weight, dimensions of the parcel, its value, the location of the recipient, the method of transportation, urgency, any additional services – preparation of documents, obtaining permits, packaging, labeling, customs clearance, door-to-door delivery.

MW-Trade carries out international transportation of personal belongings, parcels from Russia to anywhere in the world on a turnkey basis. Depending on the client's wishes, the budget and the deadlines, we will build the best possible shipping route – by air, land (road, rail), sea transport or a multimodal method of shipping.

You can estimate the cost of transportation by using our online calculator. You can get a consultation and find out how to send a parcel abroad at an affordable price by calling the phone numbers listed on the website. Fill out the form below, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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