How to properly insure your cargo?

страхование грузов

Cargo shipping carried out within the country or abroad is associated with risks. Products can get spoiled, damaged, stolen. Insurance is an effective tool, especially for shipping valuable, perishable, fragile goods. In the event of an adverse situation, the owner is guaranteed compensation for the losses. Below we will analyze how to properly insure your cargo and what types of insurance are offered today.

Insuring cargo is not compulsory; however, it is an actively used tool. Shipping by road, rail, air or sea involves risks of theft, loss, fire, damage to the cargo itself or its packaging, accidents on the road.

Types of insurance

Before obtaining an insurance policy, it is important to analyze which risks are most relevant for a particular type of product, vehicle, regions through which the cargo travels. The total cost will depend on many factors: the insurance type, the type of product, its weight, volume, the risks (full or partial coverage), and a method of transportation.

Air transport is the safest. Delivery is carried out using passenger or cargo aircrafts via direct or transit flights. The risk of damage or loss is minimal, but the likelihood of theft, especially in transit traffic, is quite high.
When transporting goods by sea, insurance is of utmost importance. Products may get wet, shipwrecked, or stolen.

Shipping by rail is in high demand in Russia. This shipping method is quite affordable; it provides an ability to travel long distances and ensures a strict timetable. Insuring goods transported by rail is not popular because trains usually transport bulk or inexpensive cargo.

The greatest possibility of damage to a cargo is associated with road transport, where there are plenty of accidents on the road and theft.

They offer different insurance types: some insurance policies cover the trip itself (one-time or regular), some are designed to be used on a particular territory (in-state, international) or cover certain risks (a partial or full coverage).

Choosing a company and a tariff

In international shipping you should pay special attention to the choice of the transporting organization. For more than ten years MW-Trade has been successfully transporting goods to various countries of the world. Our specialists will develop the best route, select the appropriate option for your particular cargo and offer an efficient insurance rate. The final cost usually depends on the product type, weight, dimensions, the traveling distance and the complexity of the route. To get a consultation or an accurate calculation of the cost of services, contact the specialists of MW-Trade.

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