How many pallets can fit into a cargo container?

For shipping goods by land, sea, air, we use containers inside of which there are pallets with products. Such transport packaging ensures fast loading and unloading operations and reduces the risk of damaging the goods. In this article you will find answers to the questions of how many pallets a 40-ft. and a 20-ft. containers hold.

The number of pallets that can fit in the container depends on their type. There are certified euro pallets with the dimensions of 800x1200x145 mm, and there is a standard size of 1000x1200x145 mm. If necessary, Euro boxes can be used: it’s a pallet with metal structure. A 40-ft. container includes 21 standard and 24 euro pallets. The 20-ft. one holds 9 standard and 11 euro pallets. The material of the pallets can be different: wood, metal, plastic. The most popular option is wooden pallets. They are easier to manufacture, repair and, if necessary, dispose of.

Use of this type of transportation internationally can guarantee safety of cargo and its protection from theft and damage during shipping. Containers provide transportation of almost any type of cargo: from food to industrial goods to chemical products.

To deliver products to the countries of the EU, it is required to use pallets of the European standard and a fumigation certificate. The maximum height of packed cargo cannot exceed 1800 mm. A slight extension beyond the edges of the container is allowed, but it must not exceed 20 mm on each side. Inside the container, pallets must be positioned in accordance with the technical regulations to ensure easy access for a forklift.

MW-Trade carries out international container transportation to and from Russia. We use the best routes using sea, road, railway, air transport. If necessary, we will develop a multimodal method of transport; provide outsourcing of foreign economic activity on a turnkey basis and delivery cargo door-to-door.

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