Features of project shipping

Project shipment is the transportation of complex cargo of particularly large dimensions, more than 100 tons. This category includes production lines, large consignments of equipment, whole plants or their parts, military equipment, turbines, drilling rigs. Shipment is carried out using a large number of means of transport and special equipment. In some cases, engineering intervention in road infrastructure, road construction, dismantlement of bridges, lifting of overhead power lines is required. Transportation of project cargo is prohibited on public roads.

Project Cargo: Definition and Peculiarities

The term project cargo refers to heavy, bulky, oversized products, which are transported according to a pre-designed project. The shipment involves the development of a special route of movement, the selection of specialized vehicles: low-frame trailers strengthened for heavy loads, crane vessels, barges, rail transporters. They can bear weight up to 200 tons and more.

When planning transportation, the main task is to collect information: the exact weight, dimensions of cargo, maximum allowable road load, height of bridges, their load capacity, width of tunnels. This information will give opportunity to make preparatory work: to strengthen the overpasses, to plan the required number of escort vehicles, to raise the overhead power lines, to develop bracing schemes.

The project must be submitted for approval by the supervisory authorities of the State Road Inspection (Gosavtoinspectia), road services, local administration.

Stages of Delivery

Heavy and bulky cargo can be transported by land or sea. The main stages are:

  • planning a route, taking into account the road capacity
  • selection of vehicles, special equipment for loading and unloading
  • selection of bracing system according to a special scheme
  • calculation of the optimal delivery budget
  • obtaining permits for transportation, approval
  • preparation of a set of supporting documents
  • escort
  • customs clearance

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