Dual-use goods: the specifics of export

There are special groups of goods the export of which is quite a complicated procedure. At the same time, the manufacturer or supplier does not always know that their products are dual-use goods and are subject to export control.

Dual-use goods are goods the use of which is possible for industrial purposes (in everyday life), as well as for creation of weapons and various military equipment, including weapons of mass destruction. Such goods are subject to export control and require obtaining proper licenses from the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The group of such goods includes certain types of materials and equipment, raw materials, scientific and technical projects and technologies.

For example, some fertilizers in their composition may contain such chemical compounds that are also used for making explosives. Or another example: a group of goods – the products from ferrous metals – includes steel plates. In everyday life they are used for decorating interiors, while in the military they use them for body armor.

The list of these goods and technologies is regulated at the level of the President of the Russian Federation. A complete list of products subject to export control can be found on the official website of the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC). To complete export customs documents for dual-use goods, it’s necessary to obtain an official permit (license) from an authorized body.

Algorithm of actions for the export of dual-use goods

Each exported product is assigned a code of the Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity. The customs clearance procedure should start with checking the goods and the matching (mismatching) of their code with the list of controlled products. It is the entrepreneur's responsibility to determine whether the exported goods are subject to inspection. If the code matches, it does not mean that you need to obtain a license, but it is worth asking Federal Service for Technical and Export Control for an official conclusion – an approval for export.

To do this, you must provide a detailed technical description of the product with indication of the scope of its application and its main functions, the information about the manufacturer. On the basis of the expertise, the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control issues a conclusion allowing free movement of goods.

If the code and characteristics of the goods match, you must contact the licensing authority and issue an export permit, obtain a license. A set of documents should include:

  • application for a license
  • an accurate description of the technical characteristics of the exported product and the scope of its application
  • copies of foreign economic contracts
  • copies of charter documents
  • data about the recipient and the end user of the product

Types of licenses

There are two types of licenses: single-use and general.

A single-use license is issued one time for a specific foreign economic contract after a state examination. The validity period of such a license is no more than a year.

The general license suggests multiple use and is issued only by order of the Government of the Russian Federation for a specific type of product in a specific volume and with indication of the list of importing countries.

An export license is not required, if:

Most of the goods exported from Russia are subsequently still used only for industrial purposes. Even if the product code matches the list of controlled products, no license is required, if

  • purpose of the goods - warranty service or repair
  • goods were previously imported into the Russian Federation in accordance with the customs regime of temporary import
  • goods are intended for servicing ships and aircraft registered in the Russian Federation

The procedure for exporting dual-use goods has its own specifics and differs from standard customs clearance. MW-Trade recommends that you carefully study the information above. If you still have questions, please contact our specialists. A well-written technical description of the goods and preparation of a complete set of documents will help you save your time and carry out customs clearance comfortably, without delays.

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