Delivery of cargo from Lithuania: how long does it take?

The Republic of Lithuania is a partner of Russia in various trade directions. It is a member country of the European Union, has a favorable connecting location, and has a major port on the Baltic Sea (the city of Klaipeda). Time of delivery of cargo from Lithuania is 7-14 days depending on remoteness of the recipient, mode of transportation and peculiarities of passing the customs control.

Cargo transportation from Lithuania is often carried out by means of road and sea transport using the multimodal scheme. Railroad routes or air freight are used less frequently. Thanks to well-developed road infrastructure road delivery can be carried out within 5-7 days. In the case of tight deadlines, express delivery by passenger or cargo flights is used.

Peculiarities of Carriage

When planning a route, one should take into account the existence of a large number of toll roads in the territory of Lithuania, limits on the load capacity of the vehicles, goods transportation rules set up by EU, and special requirements for the shipping of pets.

The following documents are required: a visa with a valid passport, an insurance policy, a driver's license, the document proving vehicle inspection, vehicle registration, a bill of lading, as well as the set of supporting documents for the products.

Shipping Cost

Transportation cost depends on the type of cargo, dimensions, weight, desirable delivery time, distance between the points of shipment and receipt, customs clearance of the goods.

MW-Trade has its own warehouse in Kirtimai, which helps to optimize costs for customers and cut the time of transportation. We know how to bring freight from Lithuania as quickly as possible, we strictly follow the agreements, competently declare goods, carry out customs clearance of any categories of products, carry out delivery of general and groupage cargoes.

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