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What is warehouse receipt?

A warehouse receipt is a document confirming transfer of goods for storage to a warehouse of a third-party organization. For goods that require certain conditions of storage we use premises with a particular temperature regime, humidity level and ventilation.


Product labeling is an honest sign

The “Honest Mark” product labeling system was created for the purpose of labeling goods and assigning unique codes to them; such codes contain information about the manufacturer, the country, the production date, the expiration date, the content, etc. They help track movement of imported goods, control product quality, identify counterfeit products, and assess the turnover.


How to properly insure your cargo?

Cargo shipping carried out within the country or abroad is associated with risks. Products can get spoiled, damaged, stolen. Insurance is an effective tool, especially for shipping valuable, perishable, fragile goods. In the event of an adverse situation, the owner is guaranteed compensation for the losses.


Warehouse storage of cargo: the specifics

International cargo transportation is carried out in several stages, and one of these stages is safe storage of goods. During transportation the goods do not always travel from the supplier's warehouse straight to the recipient. Oftentimes, it is necessary to store the goods at temporary storage warehouses in transshipment points, for example, in cases of consolidation of consignments for transportation of groupage cargo or when the cargo is on the border awaiting customs clearance. 


Transporting the construction equipment: the specifics

Transportation of construction equipment has its own specific features and difficulties – the construction equipment, spare parts, and tools are very heavy and usually have non-standard dimensions. Transportation of such equipment requires the use of special types of vehicles, a profound knowledge in the field of transportation of bulky, oversized, heavy cargo, and a particular set of skills to perform loading/unloading operations.


How to transport personal belongings abroad?

Once you have decided to move to another country, it is important that you study all the information pertaining to goods transportation: how to avoid unnecessary expenses, minimize risks, prepare the required documents, build an effective logistics strategy, and solve customs clearance issues.


What is customs broker?

International cargo transportation is an integral part of foreign economic activity (FEA). A company that sells or buys products abroad can perform customs operations on its own or with the help of a customs representative. Thanks to the accumulated experience and the established operating procedures, a customs broker will help you to cut your expenses and the time of the entire business transaction – from purchasing goods to receiving them at the place of your choosing.


Classification of cargo

The quality of cargo transportation, its cost and delivery time depend on the type of cargo, the mode of transport, containers, packaging, transportation conditions, loading and unloading operations, and the documents required for each group of goods in particular.


What is the cost of shipping cargo

The main question when planning work with the suppliers is “How much does it cost to ship cargo?” It is important for a business owner to understand how the process of transporting goods is built, and which is more efficient – to outsource the task to a transport company or ship goods on your own?


Shipment is out for delivery: what does this status mean?

For a convenient tracking of goods and online store purchases, parcels, letters, there are services that help customers to control the location of their order. During transportation, products pass a certain number of checkpoints, which are identified in the system but are not always clear to a customer.
What does "Forwarded for international shipping" mean?


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